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How to Succeed in Room 9

My main goal as a teacher is to help mold responsible, kind, and respectful young adults. I am a firm believer that students should follow these pillars for everyone, not just adults. In my classroom there are eight goals to live by. I know it may sound like a lot, but I truly believe that all of these rules are essential in creating my desired classroom experience: encouraging, supportive, and welcoming. The rules are as follows:

1. Always respect others.
2. Listen when others are talking.
3. Follow directions the first time asked.
4. Use hand signals and don’t interrupt.
5. Take care of our school and classroom.
6. Work and play safely and quietly.
7. Always try your best.
8. Believe in yourself and others.

Throughout the year students will learn different ways to follow these rules and why they are so important. One example for rule number five may be while we are walking in the hallways and a student notices some trash on the ground and they go and clean it up without being asked. That student would be rewarded with class dojo points and I would explain to the rest of the students why an act like that is outstanding. For rule number eight maybe someone "strikes out" in kickball but a kind student might say "Don't worry, you'll get it next time!" That shows me that our students believe in each other and are kind to one another. I also encourage students to "positive tattle tale." This means that students tell me when they see another student do something outstanding or kind that I was not there to see.

The main goal of all of these rules is to make sure that our students understand the importance of kindness and respect towards others, our classroom, and our school!

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