How to be Successful

My main goal as a teacher is to help mold responsible, kind, and respectful young adults.The following behavior rules are expected to be followed while we have our virtual classroom lessons and when schools open (fingers crossed!). I truly believe that all of these rules are essential in creating my desired classroom experience: encouraging, supportive, and welcoming. The rules are as follows:

Behavior Rules:

1. Follow all rules and routines.
2. Show respect to adults and classmates.
3. Come prepared for class. (Materials!)
4. Participate and collaborate constructively.
5. Choose kind.
6. Be responsible.

7. Listen actively.

8. Always do your best work. 

In addition to behavior rules that students should follow at all times, I have a list of expectations for our virtual zoom sessions to maximize students' focus. My hope with these expectations is that students are engaged in the lessons and have the best chance to learn. The expectations are as follows:

Virtual Classroom Expectations:

1. Be seated appropriately in an ideal workspace. (not on a couch or bed!)

2. Have materials in an organized space.

3. Sit up straight and tall!

4. Wear school uniform.

5. Keep camera on at all times.

6. No eating on camera!

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