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Homework Policy:

A homework routine will be established in the second week of school. During our first week, homework will be more along the lines of business and tidbits to get done!

Homework will consist of: 
1. Reading Log- due each Friday

  • 20 minutes of nightly reading

  • Summarize one night of reading in the summary space

  • Each night's reading needs to be initialed by a parent

​2. Math Problems- due every day based on the lesson

  • Combination between math book problems and spiral review pages

  • Must show work and circle answers

Homework Routine:

Students will take out their homework immediately once they get into the classroom to be checked. If they complete it in a detailed fashion, and show their work, students will receive 10 class dojo points (see class dojo tab) which helps them to work towards prizes. Students will lose 5 points if they did not complete their homework, or it is missing. 


Projects will be given throughout the course of the year in which students will be expected to work on in their own time. There may be class time given to work on these projects. Plenty of notice will be given ahead of time with a due date so that you are aware of what they have to complete. 

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