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Homework Policy:

Students are expected to put their homework on their desk first thing in the morning for me to check. Work should be complete and turned in on time. Students are expected to write in complete sentences, and show neat and careful work. Students who do not reach these expectations will complete or correct their homework during study hall at recess. As an incentive for doing homework, students will earn 5 class dojo points (see class dojo tab for more information) for every day that they bring it complete. 

Typical Homework:

Usually, homework will consist of a math page each night and a weekly writing and reading assignment. Beginning the third week of school, students will have "paragraph of the week" assignments in which each day of the week they will complete a small task having to do with planning a paragraph. The complete paragraph will be due on Fridays. Students will be given a reading log starting the second week of school in which they will record their nightly reading of 20 minutes. These are also due on Fridays. I also tend to ask students to finish incomplete classwork for homework if they were unable to finish it during class. Social studies and science homework may be on rare occasions. Over the weekend, the only homework assigned will be reading and occasionally projects throughout the year may need to be completed during the weekend. At the end of each day, students will write down their homework assignments in their weekly organizers. If you have any further questions or concerns regarding homework policy, please feel free to email me under the "Contact Me" tab. 

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